ALAD3 CONSULTORÍA ESTRATÉGICA is a boutique consultancy firm highly specialized in analytical and strategic processes as well as in the development of high-value business executive decisions

We provide comprehensive services across a wide range of industries. Whatever the size or stage of business development, we desgin specialized tailored business programs to fit their needs and goals

We also support all kind of public institutions requiring to supplement the study, design and development of programs linked to social, economic and business growth

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a solution for every business

market analysis and competitor reports

We supply all kind of market reports, tailored to private companies, branch organisations or public entities' needs. We also provide for competitors business details in order to help you to improve your company's efforts and take advantage

suppliers research

Working with the best partners & suppliers is the key for a high competitive business. Let us help you to choose the right match for your specific needs

business intelligence

We provide you with the latest international markets' conditions & support your company during the establishement of the most accurate strategies to become a very competitive market leader

welcome to Europe/Spain

Thinking about doing business in Europe/Spain? We are experts in building "business bridges" between countries/continents. Have a look at our B2B/B2C services portfolio

company representation & sales outsourcing

We provide business representation services for any overseas specific company wanting to establish or reinforce its business presence in Europe or for European companies interested in starting their activities in Spain. We facilitate their expansion into new markets and will act on their behalf always in accordance with their business strategy and corporate culture.

sponsorships research & management

Interested in increasing your visibility and value in Europe/Spain through a professional sponsorship? Let us know your project!









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Great firma, great professionals, great treatment. A quick, clear and efficient way of working. Alad3 has notably improved the results of my company. No doubt it has been the right choice

Rita Jeronimo
Rita Jerónimo
CEO La Brújula del Ser

Alad3 has shown during the project execution time a significant market analytical capacity and a great expertise in developing business expansion plans

Atyges c
Federico Alba
Executive Director ATyges Ingeneering

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