Since Alad3 was born one summer on the shores of the Costa del Sol, many people has asked us why that name. It arose from an inusual combination of ideas and expressions. In Spanish, ‘ala’ means ‘wing’, so we joined the passion for aviation on the part of the team with an Spanish expression ‘a la de 3’ that means all toghether now. That is the main aim of our company, to give a boost to any busines that may need it.

Since then, we have reached another shores (the Cantabrian Sea), we have collaborated globally with a wide group of partners and we have become a team with multidisciplinary expertise, a perfectionist, creative, flexible and ready to face new challenges team, but above all, focused on our clients full satisfaction. 

We get involved, we listen, we discuss, we bring our experince, we make suggestions , we work toghether and help to apply the designed strategies. That’s how we work. What our clients get? real, effective and satisfactory solutions for every business type whatever their size or status of development, and a total satisfaction for all the people behind each project. They are our best reference.

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