Information on the type and third-party cookies

The cookies never provide user information such as name or surname, but associate information related to user navigation on the Internet. In any case Alad3 Consultoría Estratégica S.L. share confidential information and not regulated under current legislation with third parties.  However, Alad3 Consultoría Estratégica S.L. uses the service Google Analytics analysis, that is, an external service provided by Google (USA)
in this way you should know that Google Analytics (Google Privacy Policy Analytics) uses these cookies to collect information and file it by Google on servers in the United States. In addition, Google will use this information to compile reports on website activity and internet usage. Google also reserves the right to use that information and provide it to third parties when required by law

Information not excepted type of cookies using the website and its purpose

The cookies excepted force the new regulation would be those that are intended to gather input from a user to the website, the login, the social those loaded to customize an interface and those that require the user identification. The rest of the cookies should be accepted by the user to enter the website and start browsing in this and in their browser settings

Information on how to disable or delete cookies contained in the major web browsers

In addition to accepting or rejecting the use of certain cookies through Alad3 Consultoría Estratégica S.L. website also can manage them by using your browser settings. There you can disable them and learn more about using each browser brings to the cookies. For more information on this process can consult this website:

Here we give the corresponding links to the major browsers to directly access the configuration of the cookies.